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潘政琮基金會從 2020 年正式成立以後,目前除了一年贊助兩場 AJGA 的賽事,並提供外卡與補助旅費給取得資格的台灣選手,除此以外也提供進入 NCAA 的選手大學獎學金。參加過本基金會所舉辦的比賽與活動的選手,僅以每位選手取得百分之五十的獎學金計算,保守估計這些選手總共從美國大學已累積爭取到至少超過 280 萬美金的獎學金,接近一億新台幣,尚不包含學校提供的訓練、場地與旅行費用。

2022 年小潘利用美國提供 非營利組織優惠服務的廠商,將基金會包含網站、律師與稅務申報會計師等開銷降到最低,2023 年基金會只需要倚賴利息就能營運,小潘與太太還有所有基金會董事皆是義 工,小潘還自己建立、架設轉換資料到新的網站,目的就是希望基金會裡的捐款能百分之百用在年輕孩子身上,也不負所有捐款人之托。

Debit Card


1. 潘政琮AJGA公開賽台灣選手的費用
2. 讓盧宏宗獎學金幫助更多小選手們


*Or Zelle to the following email address:

Volunteers Serving Food


This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at CT Pan Foundation. Get in touch with any questions about how you can Volunteer Your Time today.

  • Annual CPA needed for tax form 990.

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Giving through donor-advised funds (or DAFs) comes with a lot of benefits, including immediate tax deductions for your charitable contributions, investing your charitable dollars tax-free, and avoiding capital gains tax by directly donating appreciated stock, ETFs, or crypto.

Join our DAF (Donor advised funds)

100% of proceeds benefit the CT Pan Foundation. 

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