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潘政琮基金會取得AJGA美國青少年高爾夫協會獨家授權三年,史上第一次將於台灣舉辦AJGA國際系列賽(AJGA International Pathway Series),每年三場比賽將產生八張當年與隔年AJGA全卡。本系列賽旨在提供台灣與亞洲選手以更經濟有效率的方式獲得AJGA的PBE星星,進而取得資格接軌AJGA美國本土賽事,並有助於取得更多美國大學教練的關注。




🔷️ 「潘政琮AJGA青少年錦標賽」(C. T. Pan Junior Championship)推薦資格:





Pan Zhengcong Foundation Championship

  1. Date: 2022/7/25 – 2022/7/28

  2. Where: Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon – Champions Course. Near Beaumont, CA

  3. Number of participants: 78

  4. Age: 12-18 years old

In order to help young players have the opportunity to advance to American universities, C.T. Pan announced today that in addition to the AJGA C.T. Pan Junior Championships, the C.T. Pan Foundation Championship will be held in 2022.


AJGA Tournaments

Competition information


  1. Date: 2022/6/28 – 2022/7/1

  2. Location: The Clubs at Kingwood near Houston

  3. Number of participants: 78

  4. Age: 12-18 years old

The AJGA is the largest junior tour organization in the United States. The first tournament began in 1978. The membership currently exceeds 6,900 players, with more than 120 tournaments and 72 qualifiers played each year. AJGA competitions and rankings are the most important indicators for American college coaches to recruit players. Over the past three decades, more than 20 NCAA men's and women's championships have experienced the baptism of AJGA. Players who have played AJGA games in the past have won more than 830 PGA tours. PGA TOUR and Women's PGA Tour LPGA Champions.

About The Tournament

The C.T. Pan Junior Championship is hosted annually in Houston by the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This Championship is intended to create a competition where students can showcase their talents and, in turn, earn college credits, advice, and recommendations. By participating, youth golfers will have an opportunity to rank, earn points, and gain recognition and experience as amateur golfers.

How to qualify?

Taiwanese Youth ages 12 – 19 will register through AJGA. A total of twelve (12) exemptions will be given to those athletes with top scores. This four-day Championship takes place annually in April with the anticipation of a full field of 132 participants.

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